About Us


is our little contribution to making our new routine a bit more cheerful. 

As we face the sudden need to wear masks in public places, we thought it would make a quick run to the supermarket or walking the dog a bit more enjoyable if the masks we are wearing could put a smile on someone’s face.

And like that, our little project began 🐼.

We hope that by getting this project running, we will also be able to provide work for those at home who are currently without jobs, such as seamstresses, patterns cutters, designers, etc. This way we can help a few more people to live through the current pandemic with more hope.

We are based in Portugal, Lisbon. Luckily, none of our family members are sick, but none of them are qualified to help fight the pandemic in any way described on the Portuguese Ministry of Health website. We thought about how we can contribute, and, of course, protective materials (surgical masks, gloves, protective suits, etc.) being the first things needed nowadays, we decided to donate part of our profits to the COVID19 ResponseFund by World Health Organisation. Join us, and let’s help those that are on the front lines fighting for our health.

Our masks are all sewn by hand by local Portuguese seamstresses and made of 2 layers of 100% cotton, which we hope to switch to a recycled version, once we get up and running. We chose cotton, because it is breathable and usually does not cause allergies. 

Please note, that our masks alone do not fully protect you from viruses or bacteria, but are merely for brightening up your day and the days of those around you. Use filters or surgical masks that you can place in the inside pockets of our mask and stay safe!

All the masks, regardless of which animal you choose, are washable either by hand or in the washing machine - however, we recommend washing in no warmer than 40º water.